About the Author

This is Plato Kasserman’s author profile page. For his blog, see Writer Problems. For his publishing company, check out Kitsune Quills Press.

Plato Kasserman writes short stories and novels for young adults. His favorite genres are urban fantasy, comedic fantasy, paranormal, steampunk, and cyberpunk science fiction. He is also interested in slice-of-life comedy. His debut novel Wolves of Timbre: The Karasu Curse is now available in ebook and print edition at many online retailers. Look out for the next book in his Wolves of Timbre series.

He lives on the California North Coast with his family and three cats. He loves telling stories with vivid imagery and intriguing characters. He also loves to draw and design graphics. When he was a child, he dreamed of running his own animation studio to bring his stories to life on screen, but his muse would not wait. By the time he wrote down the first story to animate, there were many more stories queuing up to be told. He became a writer when he found that writing was the quickest way to share his stories with the world.